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“It has been my pleasure and honor to be allowed the privilege to work with you!  These excerpts from letters I received from clients are very valuable to me and confirm my decision to pursue helping others through psychology.”

                                                             Rosalyn Norensberg, M.S.W.

Carl W. age 88


“I grew up with abuse in my childhood, and trauma as a soldier during WW II.   I stuttered, felt pain and fear everyday.  I lost my wife 10 years ago. I was always alone, too anxious to make new friends.  Mrs. Norensberg has helped me live a better life.  Her 30 years as a therapist really shows.” 


Joyce & David age 40's


“We were on the verge of divorce, always fighting and angry at each other.  The kids were upset and worried.  Our finances were a mess and we couldn't talk about them.  Roz helped us understand our issues, learn to communicate in a healthier way, and have fun together  again.  We are very grateful to her for her help.”

Karen age 52


“I could not find relief or help with the pain from my headaches and IBS.  Hypnosis and behavioral therapy really helped. Now I use these techniques for everything...better sleep, relaxation and concentration.”

Tommy L. age 23


“I am a student and musician.  But my fear in front of an audience affected my plans for the future. I  feel confident about my future now.  Even my girlfriend sees the difference in me.  I am proud that I had the courage to deal with my problems.”

Dina K. age 40


"Coming Out" of the closet to a wonderful husband and two great kids has been a long and at times, painful process.  Roz has helped me gain confidence, self worth and courage over the past two years.  She has been been dedicated, caring and compassionate as my coming out process has unfolded.  She will undoubtedly continue with care and sensitivity to guide me as I enter the lesbian/gay community for the first tine at 40 years old.”

Eva F. age 75


“All my life I felt insecure.  I did not like the way I felt about myself.  I constantly worried about  whether I said or did the right thing.  My time and effort in therapy has brought excellent results.  I saw Roz individually and in couples therapy.  She taught me self hypnosis for arthritic pain relief.  I now feel more confident in every area of my life and have a much better relationship.”

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