Psychotherapy Services

Rosalyn Norensberg, M.S.W.

Coral Springs, FL.




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                                          Specialization and experience in treating anxiety disorders,

                                          depression, trauma, sexual issues, marital and family

                                          issues, gender identity, and grief counseling. 


Traditional Psychotherapy




                                          Hypnosis is used to for nicotine addiction, pain control,

                                          weight control, panic and phobias, performance anxiety

                                          and to boost confidence and memory.  Clients reach goals

                                          with hypnosis they never thought were possible.  Clients

                                          quit smoking in as little as one to three sessions.


Clinical Hypnosis








Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing



                Group Psychotherapy                          Individual Psychotherapy


             Adolescent Psychotherapy            Family and Couple Psychotherapy

Group therapies include Elderly, Women’s, and Gay and Lesbian Processing Groups.  More groups are added to fit the needs of clients and the community.


                                             Therapeutic Services

                                        Designed To Fit Your Needs

                                                      For Growth


                                Psychotherapy is Offered in Many Formats


EMDR is used to treat a variety of symptoms.  It is   extremely useful in the treatment of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Clients get results quickly because EMDR uses a direct route to stored emotion.